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April 18, 2018  

Welcome to episode 223! We will be covering a bunch of gaming news as well as Walking Dead Spoilers (at the end). Make sure to head over to www.youtube.com/72dpionline and get subscribe for more live shows and streams like this one. Thanks for the support! - Joe

April 12, 2018  

Tonight I'm covering my Sea of Thieves review, I'll go into my first impressions of the Mansions of Madness board game & more. Please visit www.youtube.com/72dpionline get subscribed, leave a comment and share the video it helps out alot. Thanks for the support! - Joe

March 28, 2018  

Short show this week. We are diving into Sea of Thieves with our first impressions. Going over Xbox Game Pass & closing out the episode with The Walking Dead recap & spoilers! Make sure to head over to www.youtube.com/72dpionline and get subscribed. Thanks for watching.

February 28, 2018  

We are talking about upcoming remaster and remakes in the video game world, a new board game from Plaid Hat Games & finally The Walking Dead returns!!!. Don't forget to head over to www.youtube.com/72dpionline and get subscribed and we will see you guys next Wednesday on www.twitch.tv/72dpionline! Thanks for watching

February 21, 2018  

Packed show tonight! We discuss Microsoft's Game Pass drama with indie retailers. We also dive into CNN's article, "It's All Fun & Games", outlining life lessons kids can pick up from board games starting at the age of 5! We close out the show with Spyro Remastered Announcement coming later this year! If you enjoyed the show make sure you get subscribed over on www.youtube.com/72dpionline and remember to catch the show live every Wednesday over on www.twitch.tv/72dpionline! Thanks for watching and we will see next Wednesday!

January 24, 2018  

Board games, board games and more board games!This episode is all about the games we've played this week as well as a few other surprises along the way. While you are here make sure to subscribe to the channel and leave a comment! Hope you enjoy the episode and if you did give us a thumbs up on the way out. Remember you can watch us live every Wednesday on www.twitch.tv/72dpionline

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January 3, 2018  

Angel & I are back for the first episode of the 2018! We will be taking a close look at the video games, board games, movies & tv shows we enjoyed in the past 12 months! Come hang out with us as we take a walk down memory lane. Don't forget to head over to www.youtube.com/72dpionline and get subscribed for a whole bunch of gaming content!! Thanks for watching and enjoy the show!!

November 29, 2017  

We have a jam packed show for you guys today. First up on the choppin' block is Net Neutrality, itsmyangel & I discuss the pros and cons and have a discussion about the topic as well as give everyone links to where they can reach out to make sure their voice is heard! Check out the links below!

We also briefly discuss Punsher on Netflix and go over some of episodes as well as discuss the other Marvel shows on Netflix.

Last up is Walking Dead! We recap the last 2 episodes and have an open discussion along the way about our group.

If you liked the show make sure you get subscribed, leave a comment and check us out on www.twitch.tv/72dpionline every Wednesday night! Thanks for watching

*Link Dump*
Where can you look the information up?
For Net Neutrality: https://www.savetheinternet.com/net-neutrality-what-you-need-know-now
Against Net Neutrality: https://www.forbes.com/sites/joshsteimle/2014/05/14/am-i-the-only-techie-against-net-neutrality/#3934327270d5

Lookup & Call/email your congressman’s office directly
Finding all available ISPs in your area: https://broadbandnow.com

November 9, 2017  

The flood waters can not keep us away! We are here to talk about the newly announced Gamestop rental program, our first impressions of CoD:WW2, & we also go over our Top 5: Games we would like to play for the first time again!

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October 25, 2017  

We are back in full swing! This episode we are talking about our first impressions on the new South Park game, The Fractured But Whole. Mox tries to talk Angel into playing Fortnite & finally we end with the Season 8 Premier of The Walking Dead! Enjoy the show and remember to head over to www.youtube.com/72dpionline, get subscribed, & leave a comment! It helps out a lot and we really appreciate it. To watch our show live head over to www.twitch.tv/72dpionline every Wednesday around 8pm! Thanks for watching - Mox


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