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May 25, 2017  

This episode we jump into the world of Vampire Diaries. ItsMyANgel gives us her first impressions of the series. I then go over a slightly closer look into PREY (post Demo) and make my judgement call for the game. We then discuss Destiny 2 and everything we know so far.

Bungie.net Article: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/45708/7_The-Road-Ahead
Windows Central Article: www.windowscentral.com/destiny-2
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Time Stamps
Top 3: 00:10:40
Vampire Diaries: 00:12:00
Closer Look Into PREY: 00:26:00
What We Know About Destiny 2 So Far: 00:35:00

Enjoy the show!