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January 20, 2017  

This episode we start off by covering the news about The Walking Dead "toning down the violence" in upcoming episodes. ItsMyAngel & I give our 2 cents on this issue and then move into our top 3!

ItsMyAngel does a reveal of her newest board game Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle. We go through some of the game mechanics and display several of the different pieces of the game.

After that I cover the latest Magic the Gathering pre-release I went to with my 6 year old son. We played in a two headed giant format that was extremely fun. Eli pulled the Masterpiece, Sword of Body & Mind ($65 Mythic Rare Card)

We close out the show with the Nintendo Switch Live stream event. ItsMyAngel & I jump head first into the event and talk all about the new system and games that are coming out early March.

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