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December 8, 2016  

Welcome to Episode 201! This week ItsMyAngel & Myself jump into the Shack News' article "Top 7 Shooters that need revival". We talk about our favorite games that were missed and also discuss those that also made the list.

We then switch gears and discuss/review the 3 new trailers that came out of the Playstation Experience; Last of Us Part 2, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy & Resident Evil 7.

Then we move over to our TV shows, The Walking Dead & Westworld. ItsMyAngel & I take a close look at the latest Walking Dead episode. We review the episode from several angles and really break it down. (spoilers) After Walking Dead we then dive head first into the West World Season Finale. Angel goes into detail about her thoughts about some of the popular fan theories as well as giving her own.

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